Because Business Accumulates

Has your business accumulated good habits, or bad habits?  Good people, or great people?  Acceptable execution, or exceptional execution?  Sufficient cash flow, or abundant cash flow?



Cumulative Consulting ("Cumulative") is a leading global operations and strategic consulting firm..  Our executive team understands how strategic, financial, operational, IT, procurement, and compliance issues interact to affect your business.   Through people, processes, and technology, we deliver cost-effective solutions that middle market companies need to achieve sustained growth and superior profits.

Unlike most "consultants" who sit back and write reports on what you should do and leave it to you to figure out; we integrate with your existing team on an interim, part-time, project, or even complete outsourcing basis to provide best-practices that meet the unique needs of your company.  Our expertise is not "theoretical"; it was accumulated over decades in hands-on, real-world businesses.


Four key areas every company must get right:

  1. Strategy.  Without the proper strategy, the best people and perfect execution will not produce optimum results.  Market share, or market penetration is a direct result of proper strategy.
  2. People.  Growth companies often surpass the abilities of legacy staff.  Has your staff reached their level of knowledge and competence?  Do you now require some workforce upgrades to move forward?
  3. Execution.  You don't know, what you don't know.  Are you employing best-practices taken from decades of experience, and hundreds of businesses?  Are you employing the best technology across your organization?   Who keeps up with new regulations and compliance?  Is you IT System secure?
  4. Money.  Where do your financial ratios rank among your competitors?  Are you properly capitalized for growth?   Do you have the cash you will need to grow?


Cumulative provides on-demand Business Advisory Services so your executives always have access to our experienced consultants and staff who provide a range of superior business process improvement solutions including: